Josh Porter


Josh Porter is a musician from Preston, Lancashire. His journey as a musician started at the age of 13, when he first started to learn the guitar. Inspired by bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana and Elliot Smith, Josh is drawn to artists that have a strong emotional messages behind their work. Josh’s music explores the complexities of the human condition, the unspoken pain of existence, and his own personal perspective on the world.

Josh studied psychology, music production and performance at Cardinal Newman College, where he furthered his understanding of the mind and build his skills as a producer, guitarist, singer and pianist. Josh enjoyed working with and supporting other artists during his time at college, an experience that helped grow his confidence and voice as an artist.

Now studying music production at Futureworks University in Manchester, Josh is honing his skills as a producer to a professional level and developing his personal style as a musical artist.  Josh is influenced by art that truly touches and emotionally moves him, he is committed to creating music that shares this experience with others.


  • Josh can compose tracks to a professional quality in a variety of genres including: alternative rock, industrial metal, electronic, and classical. Josh can also create bespoke soundscapes, scores, and foley effects for use in motion picture projects. Josh is happy to take on any musical genre and will endeavour to find the exact sound and style that a client requires.
  • Josh is a talented music producer and technician with extensive studio experience and in-depth knowledge of microphones, recording equipment, and studio controls. Josh is also able to take his skills outside the studio and work on-stage with live sound performances, helping to make events sound better and run smoother.
  • Josh is a multi-instrumentalist; able to play guitar, bass, piano, and has a gentle and warm singing voice. Able to perform live or as a session musician, Josh is flexible, professional, and hard-working.
  • Josh has a great eye for detail and critical analysis, as a music consultant he is able to give constructive, clear and actionable feedback on your audio projects. Friendly and easy to work with, Josh can help you make your music the best it can be.