the future of my blog

29/04/2024 by Josh Porter

What will my blog be about?

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As a former psychology student and a current music student, my blog will focus on the mental health issues and challenges faced by artists within the music industry. This is a topic which is rarely openly spoken about, but has serious implications for artists and their fans. I want to shed some light on the mental health of performers, how artists manage and maintain their mental health, and how performers can overcome stage anxiety.

What is the aim of my blog?

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I will be sharing my experiences as a musician and as a person who has lived with mental health issues for many years. Pulling from existing research and my own experiences such as the pressure I often put on myself to perform, the perfectionist mentality that can hold back my composing, and the therapeutic value I find in music at the lowest of times in my life. I hope that by sharing these experiences I can set a positive example and help others in the music industry talk more about how they are thinking and feeling.